best Sydney tattoo artist

Once upon a time, tattoos were something you’d usually only see on bikers, sailors and ladies of the evening. They were carny and cool, a mark of outsider status that was earned rather than bought.

And the art was as raw and powerful as the people who wore it.

Fast forward to the present day and tattoos are everywhere. It seems like Sydney tattoo artists appear on every virtually street corner, and all over social media.

Celebrities and civilians alike wear their hearts on their sleeve, literally.

Yet our quest for that permanent mark remains the same. We want the best tattoo artist who can bring our visions to life and tattoo them on our skin.

So how do I choose the best artist?

The key to choosing the best tattoo artist is research. Your chosen style of tattooing is the most important factor in selecting the person to create your tattoo.

Instagram, Facebook and Google Plus are a great way to check out the preferred styles of a huge range of Sydney tattoo artists. You can see their latest work and get a feel for their preferred style, be it traditional, Japanese, blackwork, black and grey, dot work, realistic, tribal, portraiture, neo traditional, geometric, sacred geometry, watercolour and more.

Inner Vision Tattoo features its artists on Instagram @innervisiontattoo, on Facebook at and on the studio’s Google+ page.

Our tattoo artists Ash Faulkner, Joe Bell, Christian Parra and Cliffe Clayton cover the full range of tattoo styles and are available for free consultations to discuss your ideas.

Our friendly counter staff are always happy to answer your questions and match you with the best artist for your piece.

Call us on (02) 8012 0770 from 11am to 7pm seven days a week.

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