For as long as humankind has gazed up at the stars, we have wondered about our extra-terrestrial neighbours.

Ever since the 1950s with movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still and War of the Worlds to our continuing obsession with the latest X Files, artists have speculated on the existence, intentions and preferred transport of the aliens we just know are out there, somewhere

Art imitating life – alien style

Sydney tattoo artist Joe Bell from Inner Vision Tattoo and Piercing boasts a wide-ranging and versatile portfolio, which reflects his varied interests in music, skateboarding, outsider art and the traditional tattoo movement.

But lately, it is his unique take on extra-terrestrial tattoos that is capturing people’s attention.

From alien abductions to UFO-flying brains, Joe has recently been creating a few quirky one-off pieces for ET believers and pop culture fans alike.

So whether aliens are your bag or you’re just after an out-of-this world tattoo, check out his gallery and his Instagram.